Equipment Mechanic and Operator

Leebrick Farms is currently seeking an employee to assist us in keeping things moving smoothly on our busy family farm. The primary responsibilities of the successful applicant will be ensuring that maintenance and repairs are always current and ensuring the maintenance facilities are neat and organized. Secondary responsibilities will include operating equipment as required during busy seasons

This position would be a good fit for a good mechanic who enjoys mechanic work and concepts but has realized that he would like to have a little more variety in life than only doing mechanic work.

Mechanic responsibilities will include:

  • Developing and maintaining organization of tools and parts inventory
  • Monitoring and complying with service intervals on all farm equipiment and vehicles
  • Ensuring equipment is set up properly pre-season
  • Performing repairs as needed in season
  • Cleaning equipment post season
  • Performing post-season inspections
  • Acquiring quality parts in preperation for off season maintenance and repairs
  • Fabrication projects of various complexities as required
  • Capability of performing unsupervised diesel engine repairs should the need arise
  • Accurate documentation of repairs and maintenance
  • Representing Leebrick Farms in a professional manner
  • Maintaining professional and courteous lines of communication with employer, other employees, landowners and vendors
  • Other tasks as required

Operator responsibilities will include the safe and efficient operation of any equipment on the farm during busy times such as:

  • Planter
  • Drill
  • Sprayer
  • Combine
  • Grain Cart
  • Grain bagger and grain bag unloader
  • Semi tractors

Requirements to be eligible for this job will include the following:

  • Valid Driver's license
  • CDL with all endorsements required for operating our tender truck/trailer (will assist the right applicant in quickly obtaining CDL)
  • Ability to safely lift 75 pounds
  • Mechanical aptitude. If you don't have actual experience as a mechanic, you will have to be very convincing about your mechanical aptitude. There are individuals who really love to understand how things work and how to make them work better even if they are not mechanics and if you can demonstrate that to me (both from a mechanical and electrical standpoint) then please do apply. Even if you do have actual experience as a mechanic, you're going to have to be convincing that you are switched on to that occupation rather than just getting by.
  • Basic math proficiency (particularly a firm understanding of calculating ratios and area which will be required while operating sprayer)
  • Willingness to work with herbicides and pesticides and fertilizers
  • Always striving to get better

As the successful applicant for this position, you will immediately have a critical impact to the success of our operation. As a valued member of our team you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Competitive wages
  • You will not be asked to work on Sundays (Occasionally I do not turn volunteers down if they choose to volunteer but most of the time I will turn them down)
  • Most Saturdays off
  • Starting with 11 days of paid vacation (8 hours per day, but there are conditions of when it can be taken)
  • A great deal of flexibility regarding unpaid time off
  • Confidence that this is a place where your rewards can grow with the success of the operation (talk to us about our vision for this)

What to expect

Generally speaking, as the succesful applicant, you will be valued for the following characteristics:

  • You are always on the lookout for the next obstacle to the efficient use of the equipment on the farm
  • You are an early riser and are punctual in your arrival time.
  • You use your time efficiently
  • You are meticulous and take pride in the quality of the jobs you perform
  • You are deliberate and careful to avoid mistakes that will cost time and money
  • You are deliberate and careful to avoid mistakes that will compromise the safety of yourself or others
  • You are courteous to those you work with

As the Farm Mechanic you will fulfill a wide variety of duties. While your primary responsibilities will be equipment maintenance and repair, this will likely only consume 50 to 60% of your time. When we are in the midst of busy seasons you will contribute to whatever task is most critical. During planting season you will likely spend most of your time planting or spraying. During harvest you will likely spend most of your time operating a combine or a graincart. During the busiest parts of the winter you may find yourself haudling grain in a semi quite a bit.

While you are working on equipment repair or maintenance projects you will often be working with myself or another employee to complete the task. You may be providing oversight for another employee as he works on one project while you focus on a more complex project as well.

On the equipment operations side, you will become knowledgeable about your equipment. You will strive for efficiency at all times.

To apply please email or mail an application (PDF format or Microsoft Word format) and resume to Daniel using the email listed in the Contact Information page. If you have any questions feel free to call Daniel's cell for more information.