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Virginia Leebrick was a well known and sought after portrait painter in Northwest Kansas. In addition to raising a family of four children, teaching high school for some 20 years, contributing to Vacation Bible Schools, home Bible studies and her Sunday School class, she found time to paint. Virginia used pastels to paint images that are well known to Western Kansas residents. Farm and ranch subjects, charcoal sketches, and still lifes were among her repetoire. But Virginia was best known for her portrature. She painted many just for the personal satisfaction it gave her, or as gifts to causes she felt deserving, but she also did many commissioned works for friends across the area.

In her latter years, she suffered from macular degeneration,which gradually brought her ability to serve others through her painting to a close. As a result,there are quite a number of paintings which she had not fully completed, and a number of others which she felt were not of high enough quality to display. Her family would like to share some of those with you, through the Internet. An identifying feature has been added to all the images. We hope it will not prove too distracting as you enjoy the great talent that Mom displayed.

We would also like to invite you to share good quality photographs of paintings that you own or that you know are being displayed in public places, such as libraries, newspaper offices, churches, banks and the like. Her work was just too good to not be enjoyed by a wide audience. Please respond to the email address below if you would like to offer a photograph or inform us of one of Virginia's works on display.

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